Monday, January 16, 2012

it's the little things...

that make me so happy!! :) I'm not really a fancy pants type of girl, but adding a sprinkling of fantastic through my home... sure does add some spice! for example... i saw this this on Pinterest ( which i stalk!! ) and just knew i needed him!! and i must say... i love him a. l.o.t!!

does it help that he's made of some of my most fav fabrics right now... Yarn-dyed Essex Linen and Ruby Star Shining... yeah, probably!! LOL

he's such a pimp! you can follow this link to the template, to make your own saucy deer for your couch too!!  we can be twinsies!!  :P

OOohh... and it was my 13th wedding Anniversary this weekend, so i got myself all gussied up! ( this is currently a lot of effort, since i'm running again and never putting my face on afterwards! LOL )

the boy toy even surprised me with some more of my favorite books... which made my heart skip a beat! who knew that meeting your hubby at 17 and 17 years later... he could still do that??!! ;)

hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!

X, Heather


  1. Happy Anniversary, you are a lucky girl. Love the pillow and the quilt that is behind it.

  2. Lookin good Lady! Happy Anniversary :)

  3. You look beautiful. How very sweet of your husband.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love your new pillow.

  5. Beautiful work and congrats!

    Those books are worth having almost solely for the gorgeous covers but the fact that the covers are wrapped around such divine classics is incredible. Love my collection of them, too.

  6. You pillow rocks Heather - so glad I pinned that now and that you saw it! I definitely want to make one of my own although I have no idea where I would possibly put it!

    And hurray for hubby and Penguin Classic - gorgeous!

  7. Love the pillow. Will definitely be making one, maybe in wool. Hubby will love it as we live in a log cabin.

  8. Happy Anniversary Heather!!! Love the saucy deer :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you are luck to have a hubby that pays attention to the things that make you happy.

  10. Happy Anniversary - looks like you've got a keeper there ... my ex husb used to hand me £20 and say "buy yourself a nice handbag" !!

    Looooove the RubyStar Stag pillow ... just divine. perfect fabric choices - and well done for getting an Explore on Flickr!

    You go girl!

    (my word verification is 'unwrist' LOL ... seems fitting after hours of fabric cutting!)

  11. Thanks for the link to the cute deer pillow. and love your retro 70's glasses! Everything old is new again!


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