Friday, December 23, 2011

2012...?? Sounds fun!

I've been thinking a lot about 2012 and my personal sewing goals that i'd like to pull off lately!! I feel pretty comfortable that i'm not the only one doing this right now either! LOL And, one of the main "Bummer's" of 2011 year for me, was that i didn't do a single quilt-a-long! not in any way... no participation, period! sooOOOOo lame! :(

So this year, i've given it a lot of thought and i've decided to run one ( with friends of course!!). I'm a bit bad at the whole "have to do it RIGHT NOW" kind of quilt alongs, hence a "work at your own pace" one sounds just perfect to me! hehehe...

I also, really liked the idea of a Sampler Quilt like the most beloved Farmer's Wife... but, alas i just never connected to it. I'm just to "City" to farm. But, i think i have found the perfect combination to meet in the middle!  We'll be using the enduring book, "The Civil War Diary Quilt" book as my guide. I instantly fell in love with the stories of the women living during the Civil War and the quilt blocks they inspired. They are tend to be more gritty, edgy, and more masculine looking in nature then the Farmer's Wife blocks ( though i lOVE "most" of them too ). Kinda like me! LOL

I'd love for you to join me and my lovely friends; Amanda, Lisa, and Shelly as we journey through this account of our American quilt history!!! :)  We've started a little Flickr group to support our creations if you're interested in joining us!!

( please note: this book does not give you the math for the blocks and is a foundation pieced adventure, whether using freezer paper or fabric.  I would also suggest looking through the digital images provided by Amazon to verify if this quilting book is a good fit with your current skill level.  I'll be pulling out some hair on more than one block!!  LOL )

Hope to see you there!!
Xo, heather


  1. Oops! You had me right up until your *note*. Not sure I have the chops for this one, but I have joined the flickr group and will follow along for sure. I should probably just give it a whirl. I mean, you don't get your chops unless you push yourself a bit, right? But, um.....will there be tutorials?

  2. hi Heather,
    I love your blog (been reading for a few months now, but never commented). I'm really taken by your day of the dead block; it's gorgeous. And what a great idea to frame one of the guys. I've been holding onto DOTD fabric for a while now, but haven't done anything with it. Oh, and btw LOVE love LOVE The Smiths. Awesome music choice. (I got Morissey's autograph a million years ago when I was in college, but I don't know where I put it! ;0 ) I'll have to check out the Civil War book after the holidays. Have a Merry Xmas!

  3. This sounds like a great way to start the New Year - maybe I'll skip the difficult blocks and keep my hair! Can't wait to learn the details.

  4. Yep. I'm thinking about my goals too for 2012. Looks like you're off for a good start. Love the block.

  5. I totally received this book for Christmas, how coincidental that there is now a Quilt-A-Long.

  6. I would love to join in this SAL.
    I have had the book for some time now, and have been collecting Civil War fabrics, so I am delighted with the idea of this been my first project for the new year, i don't know if i will have much air left at the end of it (lol).
    waiting for you to reveal the details

  7. I'd love to join you on this. I bought this book years ago and made one block...doing it as a group would be so much more fun plus maybe I'd lose less hair too. I love the stories with the blocks too.

  8. I'm super interested.... I've actually been looking at this book. I've been thinking about a blog of quilting and history- not necessarily quilting history, *but* this book would be an awesome place to start!
    I hope you are all feeling all recovered from losing your appendix and had a lovely Christmas!

  9. OOHH I would love to be part of this also.

    my email is



  10. I have been wanting to join a quilt along group for awhile...and this is perfect. No deadlines.....just purchased the book!!

  11. I love the idea of quilts and history. It's perfect like having pizza for dinner while watching a good movie. I'll buy my book, and I will keep visiting the flickr group for inspiration. Greetings from Argentina!!


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