Monday, November 7, 2011

what are ya gonna do...

i just feel like trash! my youngest got the flu this past weekend, so yeah... no Yam Camp for me. and now, i just feel like a big o'l hot plate of poop. bleh...

before i fell prey to the ickness, i did make another bag for a friend and yes... i am using a pattern!! it's the MOST FABULOUS { Perfect Zip Bags } pattern that Elizabeth has just released!!

and i got the BEST new shipment of fabric in from The Fat Quarter Shop!! Dear Stella is singing my tune right now... dang this shiz is GOOD!

Finally, i was even able to list a few items in my Etsy Shop before i hit my limit today! I've got to start making more room in my house! ;)

this one was even showcased on Modern Day Quilts!

Welp.. that's it for me, i'm headed off to bed to read! ;)
Xo, Heather


  1. Hola Heather!! Is the first time I see your blogg, I find it very inspiring, is full of colors and I love colors. I will visit you again.

  2. when you decide to sell those +x pillows let me know! They are perfect for my family room and you would save me the trouble of making them myself lol

  3. I am sorry you missed Yam camp I am sure it wasn't the same without you! I am still recovering from my getaway this weekend.

  4. icky! Feel better soon. Hope you've got some great vampire smut for reading in bed!

  5. oh i am so sorry you are feeling poorly! i hope you are better soon. maybe selling those quilts and that pillow would make you all better!

  6. My sympathies, missing camp is a big deal. Do something nice for yourself...

  7. Oh no! I hope you feel better like right now.
    Cute bag.

  8. LOVE Love your quilts! Awww so inspiring!

  9. LOVE LOVE your work. The quilts are so beautiful.


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