Thursday, October 13, 2011

sometimes i wish...

i was a poet. because then, i'd have the talent to turn yesterdays crap-tas-tic quilting adventure into a masterpiece of wisdom
( or some other such baloney ! )

all i wanted to do was prep my postage stamp quilt for my boy toy's Birthday today ( and yes, i actually did think i could whip this monster out with the help of my new serger... so naive of me! ) ... who knew, that it would take all stinkin day! ;P i really should have realized something was off ( and by something, i mean.... me! ) when it took almost an hour of pulling fabrics to decide on the sashing???

and since this quilt is very Deep in color, kinda Dreamy and Romantic looking to me... i grabbed my very favorite Ikea flat sheet to back it with! most of you know what a sheet floozy i truly am! i have to have a soft/ satin-ish feeling backs on my quilts... i just have too! i love it soooOOOoo much!

that's when the fun ended for the day though... because in a complete brain fart moment during a ridiculous sale at Joann's Fabric, I thought i'd try there 80/20 blend of batting! wrong move. real wrong. never again kinda wrong... ya feel me! now, maybe some of you all have the magic touch with this stuff, but i clearly do not. in fact, i'll give you the three words i was snarling all day while working with said batting.
Flat Cotton Ball!

now add some basting spray and you've got yourself... one big o'le cussing party of fun on a 70 X 80" quilt! Let's just all say a quick prayer of "thanks", that my children were at school for that little show!! can we??... good grief! Thankfully, i did beat that hurdle and my quilt is prepped and ready to be quilted... thankfully, i'm so thankful it's over... thank you quilt for being sandwiched!

now...  to go try to make a cake from scratch! and i'm so not a baker... i feel round two coming up pretty solidly for me today! sigh... hope's yours will be less challenging!! LOL

Xo, Heather


  1. So sorry the sandwiching and quilting aren't going smoothly when you need it to! You'll pull it all together...I know you will!!
    P.S. The postage stamps are AIR MAIL good!

  2. I sure hope today goes better for you than yesterday! But the quilt looks great!!

  3. sorry I'm not english and I don't understand very much. What was the problem with the 80-20 batting and the spray?
    I was considering using 80-20 for my next project and I'm scared now...

  4. I have been there with that batting too...I feel for ya. Hope Plan B is going better!

  5. You are HEATHER -- you can beat a cake from scratch with one hand tied behind your back. Well, perhaps we better leave you with both hands, but still, I have utmost confidence in your fearlessness! After all, self-belief is half the batter! Have a great day! :)

  6. Montseta,

    it's very difficult to smooth your quilt sandwich out ( to remove any wrinkles for quilting ) when using 80/20 in my opinion, because if you need to readjust your fabric after spraying ( hence pull apart you quilt top & batting to readjust ), it's like pulling apart a cotton ball!

    this is not the effect when using Warm & Natural ( my usual batting preference )

    hope that helps!
    x, h

  7. OMG!!! Your quilt is extremely beautiful. I really love these colors.

  8. sorry about the problems but the quilt is absolutely awesome!

  9. ((cyber hugs)) Sounds like it was one of "those" days. I had one of them a couple of weekends ago...still not quite recovered. :o)

    Hope the cake turned out well!

  10. This made me giggle. I didn't know any better and used the 80/20 blend forever (well for the last couple of years that I've been sewing quilts anyway). I didn't realize there was such a difference until I saw pics on various blogs and thought maybe there was something that didn't take so much effort to use. I still use it on small crib size because it's managable, but most likely never again for a big blanket. Good luck with the cake. Your boy toy is very lucky!

  11. the quilt looks amazing--I've not tried any other batting than warm and natural--and honestly, I'm afraid to move away from what I'm used to....sorry it was frustrating. hopefully the cake works better :)

  12. Youa re funny! It is gorgeous so it all worked out it looks like. Good lluck with the cake! Call me if you need help! Or to bitch about it... :)

  13. That wasn't the Pellon brand batting now was it? I was thinking of buying some of that since it's a bit cheaper than W&N.

    I love the way you just let it all out. I usually am ticked something fierce about a quilt doing something stupid and then I just throw it all out the window by the time I get to posting it!

    Hoping your cake skillz work out Heather!

  14. oh man too funny! i also have those days where I think I'll get soooooo much done and alas, I screw every thing up! Good to know about the 80/20 batting at Joanns. i'll steer clear for sure!!! I'm pretty much a devoted Warm and White kinda girl.
    Good luck with the cake! xo

  15. Heather, thanks for the explanation! Now I understand the pulling apart cottonball... Thanks for telling me and I'll stick with my usual batting which is great with the spray.
    If it helps you, I iron my quilt and roll it in one of those spaghetti/tube floating things kids use in the swimmingpool (sorry I dnn't know how you call it english) and spray the batting and begin to unroll the fabric, spray, unroll... That way I have to rearrange less. If its a big quilt I join two tubes, and if it's small (less than 60 inches) I do it over my bed so I don't have to work on the floor...
    Thanks for your help.

  16. Thanks for testing the 80/20 batting for us ; ). I do love the spray though, it has changed my life! I look forward to seeing the quilting on your postage stamp, I need to add some sashing and then quilt mine too.

  17. I am always looking for new batting, not that I finish many quilts. I start quite a few, though... I think w & N is sort of heavy and still looking! What kind of Ikea sheets to you use for backing? Are they satin sheets? Love the new blue quilt and Love your blog.
    Mary Malone

  18. Your quilt is just stunning.
    Sorry about your batting battle.
    I had to learn the hard way
    too. It stinks. :o)

  19. I love your quilt top! Okay, so I use 80/20 batting all of the time and haven’t had an issue with it. I am sorry yours was horrid, that sucks. I don’t spray baste though, I pin. Maybe that’s the difference.

  20. Now, I want to ask about that sheet. I was at Ikea last week, and all they have is sheet sets. It seems like they have discontinued individual flat sheets.

  21. oh, i feel your basting pain. glad you got over the hurdle. (*and that your kids were in school so they didn't have to hear your words. oh, boy, do i know how it goes!!)


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