Tuesday, October 4, 2011


it was kinda an interesting weekend...

car got officially totalled... that sucked.
went to Ikea and got some new cupboards for my stash... that rocked.
had a TV commerical audition ( first time ever! )... that was bizarre!

thinking i'd like to sew now... yep!

couldn't get it all in the new cupboards... i'm such a sick junkie. i still have 6 of these slid under my bed... but the main course is available to gaze at and ponder! :)

me & jen took some silly shots of me after i got my audition call (happened during a SHY play date)... and let me just say... i am one good ass friend... because these are the only pictures I can apparently show of our night since, when i went to download the pics... I found a LOT of YAM bootie!! I have a feeling someone was a bit cheeky! ( jen…???   ;)

is it wrong that i'm kinda hoping for a repeat this week?? hehehe...
Xo, Heather


  1. wai-wai-wait... audition for what?! So stinkin' cool! And I've been eyeballing those cabinets from Ikea too! GREAT choice :-)

  2. I'm totally drooling over your fabric, and the new cabinet is fabulous! Congrats on your audition; I hope you get it! And I'm super excited to meet Jen this weekend!


    I'm glad you & hubby are okay? Geeze!

    Congrats on your audition, you is one groovy chick, I love your personality. That photo of you with the head phones on always reminds me of that animated gif of the cat groovin' with headphones. ;D

  4. That's right. What happens at Yam Camp stays at Yam camp! NO, {this} time I did not take the secret photos!

    The ones I did take turned out great though!

  5. So you didn't notice someone looking like the cat that swallowed the canary and fumbling to put your camera down when you walked back in to SMS?!

  6. sucks about your car, and I'm another sick fabric junkie right along with ya! you're not alone. :)

  7. Good luck with the outcome of your audition! Your stash looks so yummy. Love the Ikea cupboards. Wish I lived near an Ikea...dang! Love the pics. Have a great week. :~)

  8. Holy motherload that is one big stash!! Great cabinet :)
    Love the fun pictures too.

  9. Fabric drool! Sorry to hear about your car does this mean your getting a sassy new one?

  10. Oh NO! I bet we see a sassy blonde in a new style ride soon :o) The stash shots are HAWT! It is really drool worthy!

  11. Holy Fabric Junkie!!! Girl, you are over the top! {{love it}}

    Hope you get good news on your audition!

  12. holy stash!!, ok so if you ever need to get rid of any of that i can help you out with that!.

  13. your fabric makes my mouth water! sorry about your car, what a bummer! can't wait to see what you whip up next.

  14. Are all those fabrics yours? Beautiful...I'm drooling.

    Good luck with the audition!


  15. wow...I don't know where to start.!?

    Hope you are all ok ...sorry to hear about the car.

    Way cool about the commercial. I've done 2 in my time (just in the right place at the right time) and it is great fun!

  16. I am coveting your stash.. major green eyed monster here...

  17. so sorry about the car, i hope everyone is ok! two thumbs up on the audition!!!! Good luck! Adorable post-audition phone call pix.

  18. Goodness gracious! Sorry about the car, congrats on the audition, Wow on the stash! Maybe even two Wows. I do love Ikea, and the cabinets look spiffy loaded with your delicious fabric!


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