Wednesday, September 7, 2011

who lives in your home?

when i look around my house and i see these folks! i adore them and are more than glad to have a little piece of them in my home! What about you???...

Is your home full of little gifts of love from your friends too??? I'd collect all my friends if i could!! 
Xo, Heather

( ps... that's not even adding in all my VQB blocks!  i'm friend rich!!  LOL )
( ha! pps... as i keep walking through my house, the list keeps growing!  i guess i never knew how much of my online life lived in my real one!! )
( ppps... and all my music making swappers too!  whoo... what would i even do without their luv??? )


  1. I was just thinking the same thing today as I looked at all the pillows and things i have from swaps - love it :-)

  2. Leona from oneygirl-myquiltingadventure

    Hadley from Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle...

    My second swap is starting soon...Looking forward to more and more!

  3. I have pieces of other bloggers in my home too, from swaps and give-aways.

    I also have things that I have made that remind me of other bloggers as well because they gifted/sold me fabric/patterns or taught me techniques or even linked me up with a great tutorial or craft book, or we did a sew-along together.

    I love how the things we make connect us all.

  4. Nothing from me? Really? I'm surprised! We'll have to change that ... : )

  5. only VQB blocks Johnny boy! i'll be waiting ( wink, wink )

  6. I have a few pieces made by friends for me, but even more, when I look around my workroom I see beautiful fabrics, blocks and flimsies donated by my sewing sisters all over the world who help out with our church's quilt ministry - and I know I am blessed!!! Their thoughtfully shared scraps and pieces have blessed many people who are going through difficult times - and I love them all for it!!

  7. ooh, jealous! can I come over to check out all the loveliness?

  8. So glad that I keep your tush comfy!

    Hey, ordered a kindle!! I know...a little late ;)



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