Friday, September 30, 2011

i love first times!

they are always memorable, right... completely blissful!  i realized this week, i was kinda having a few...

like using the luxurious { Radiance } by Robert Kaufman!!! hello... yummy, silky/ satiny, smooth, heaven made into a fabric!  i seriously can't even imagine the fighting over the quilt made with these between my boys!  hugh... maybe this was a bad idea??  shit.

picked up my first purchase of Tula Pink's Prince Charming at Sew Mama Sew this week too! i have a few Princes in my house ( wink, wink )!!

started my first EVER quilt kit from the Fat Quarter Shop!! i'm such a fan of Sweetwater girls at Moda ( met them at market and they are awesome, just sayin! ) someone is going to get one hell of a present for Christmas this year!

OOoohhhh yeah... even ironed and prepped a few quilt tops laying around ( i'm never that organized! ) hahaha...

and i totally recognized... that this will be my first table topper EVER! period.  why have i never made one before??...

and the grand finale... i totally bought yarn and hooks! can you just die...?? yeah, me too! but, i saw this super cool online, tutorial thingy on Pinterest... to teach you how to crochet in one month starting on Oct 1st and thought... time to pull up those big girl panties Heather! so here's to either succeeding or drinking heavily! ( either way...  i'm a winner!! )

( click the here to find out more if you're interested! )

shoot... i'm having some fun over here!! hope you all do too this weekend!!

Xo, Heather


  1. Glad to see your crafty mojo is returning with a vengeance :) x

  2. Yummy Radiance stack there:P

    Crochet school---you got my attention!

  3. Love the solids and the Prince Charming, I really need to get my hands on those gorgeous fabrics.
    Sweetwater is on my automatic go-to-blog everyday (just like yours). It's always nice to hear that people are as sweet as you imagine them to be!

    A table topper...great idea! Is that one of your own patterns? I love the hand stitching, trying to do more of it.

    And last but certainly not least is the crocheting which we sometimes refer to as crotch-ed-ing. I'm a knitter at heart and work at a yarn shop but we also crochet and have classes in it. It's fun, goes fast and I think it's very retro. You'll have a good time learning that new skill. Warning, it can be addictive!

  4. OH! I have been following your super entertaining blog for a couple of weeks now...and I am SO EXCITED that you are going to start crocheting! I'm a knitter/crocheter...and I have wanted (so badly) to sew...but I can't seem to cross train myself to get into it... I am totally looking forward to watching you progress!

  5. love the crochet items, i'm a knitter but have been told to try crocheting, maybe now's the time! enjoy your goodies, the kit looks devine indeed~xo~

  6. Yay! I can't wait to see what you crochet Heather! I learned by watching video tutorials on Youtube.

  7. I am all over that crochet school with you!!Call me after your appt this afternoon!!

  8. I saw that on pinterest too. I'm a pro at crochet (ha) but I may check it out too, see if there's anything I don't know :)

  9. oh yummy fabric!! You are really in the swing of things :) That table topper looks amazing!

  10. Lovely to have you back in action again and so busy sewing up a storm!!

  11. hooky love is good love... wink!

  12. Someone got SUPER motivated!!!!!! It is fall I swear!!!!! If you have an issue deciding where that Home Sweet Home will go for Christmas...Me...ME...Me,lol!

    I completely forgot how to crochet when I was pregnant with my last son,seriously, dropped outta my head never to return. I am sure the man o the house is happy since the crafty crap in the house is cut in half :o)

    You are very inspiring!!!!!

  13. I'm loving all those pics of scrummy fabric...mmmm!
    And I know you'll just have great fun at crochet school. I learnt last year and I could kick myself that it took me so long to pick up a hook.

  14. Gorgeous supplies for some wonderful projects! Good luck with the crochet, it's so much fun!!

  15. those are quite the treasures! I love to crochet - I bet you'll love it too. My great Aunt Ange taught me when I was 9, I crocheted some booties for my mom & sisters for Christmas. Been crocheting ever since usually just in the Fall/Winter but if I make smaller projects I can do it all year. like ornaments, fingerless gloves and dishcloths recently. can't wait to see what you make

  16. Purple yarn. Divine.

    I flat REFUSE to click your link for fear that if I fall in love with one more craft my poor quilt tops will forever remain unquilted.

    But...I'm anxious to see what you're making so I'll know how much fun I'm missing. :-)

  17. Ha! Funny, just bought a new hook today. Taught myself (again) how to do the one stitch I know how to do! Think I might join you in the school though!


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