Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i would...

i would give him my money.

i do... i do believe.

i know... i really know this to be true.

i embrace... i embrace this hard.

i am... i am a hopeless romantic.

somethings i learned this summer about me.
  i love being a grown up girl with major appreciation of me! i hope all my lady friends can find some truth in these treasures!!!
xoxoxo, Heather

what???...   hahaahhahaa....



  1. What I would not give for my daughters to have the same attitude and knowing. You are sooooo true to'll always be congruent.


  2. so going to print those up for me and my grandgirls
    ps: hahahahahahaha

  3. Can't help but agree with every one of those nuggets of wisdom. Especially that last one... Wait, what?!? :)

  4. There is a panhandler that is a regular on the off-ramp I take on the way home. I used to feel sorry for him, until I happened upon him at "closing time" - when he took his cardboard sign, walked across the street & hopped on his new, shiny, chrome beach cruiser bicycle! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago he had an "apprentice" - and the other guy was holding up a sign that said:

    "Karma - 25 cents"
    (If he hadn't been on the other side of the street, I would have handed him a quarter for that one!)

  5. Ha! I miss you lady friend, All your crazy antics make you the coolest person I know.... still

    Never chamge :) You are beautiful, inside and out!

  6. Love these. What a great thing to read as I wake up on this Thursday.

  7. Why is it that life often seems so complicated but the real stuff is so simple?

    BTW - you have me hooked on "Rolling in the Deep"!

  8. I will NEVER be a well-behaved woman - where's the fun in it? Love your post today!!!

  9. Yer in my head. Love the tune too.

  10. Love all the sayings especially the one about being a millionaire!! Sweet sentiments Heather.

  11. I am new to your blog - and not even a quilter! I follow Monica (our Zombie girl) and her blog led me to your blog. I had to email Monica and tell her I had a crush on you!
    I am 63 - female - happily married. It's not that kind of crush!!!!!!!
    You totally crack me up! I know if I want to have a nice few calming moments, or a good laugh - I can come to your blog - see your cutsey face - hear you speak so happily - and almost all is right with the world.
    You are indeed a cutie pie!!!! But then, you know that huh? LMAO!
    The world needs more like you! Love the blog!
    So fun.
    BTW, you are right on about being a milionaire. I'm right with you on that one.

  12. Dorothy Parker has some rockin' good quotes. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  13. OMG, that last one is hilarious. As am I. As are you. We should hang out.

  14. Pearls of Wisdom... I love them all!

  15. OK, this is going to be so weird, so let me just begin by saying that I RECOGNIZE that you could very well think I'm weird. But, WTH, it's never stopped me before....

    Have you ever come across somebody and thought, she is the coolest girl in the cafeteria and I'd TOTALLY love to be her best friend, but I I am SO not cool enough and would bore her to tears? No? Didn't think so.

    Anyway, I think you are the coolest girl in the cafeteria.....weird. Sorry!

  16. I love it - "A CRUSH FACTORY"!!!!!!
    Yeh, I wish I was a quilter.
    I'm a hooker..............but I am sure the quilters are having more fun!
    Especially the silly quilters here.

    Thank God for silly quilters!!!!!!


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