Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i can feel it!

can you??? can you feel that summer ( for my children... and your's ) is almost over! YES! very soon... i'll be able to taste it too and that's when it will be time to party! i adore my children, but this is the part of the summer where, " i'm bored " has become as irritating as the "small world " song from Disneyland!!! LOL

and after that last quilt i finished ( i'll picture soon ), i think i found my mojo again!! double YES!! there are definitely two projects i just can't resist anymore, so i've been working ( and by working, of course that means screwing around ) with both of them as much as time will allow!

i have been itching... ITCHING, i tell you to use my Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising 2 fabrics... you can grab some here. I'm only using a half yard of two different prints for this quilt and solids. i really wanted a fall quilt and i just think this may be perfection when completed!

i had thought i'd be going a bit more { green } with it originally, but then the Autumn bug bit me and i went with plums...

i have also been going silently mad over all those ( Swoon Quilt ) blocks showing up around town... dang, they are just GOOD! Here's some of my fav's... you can click on the image to see more quilty goodness from the artists!! ;)

swoon quilt 3

trick or treat! BOO to YOU! Swoon!

My first Katie Jump Rope Swoon block! Loving it!

finished Swoon quilt top

AMH Swooned

are they great or WHAT!!??... sigh... i'm in lOVE!
( ps... you can get to all these artist blogs by their Flickr profiles! )

okay... so, after much consideration i pulled my fabrics for my quilt! i'm going "a la holiday"! here's to hoping it turns out as beautiful as these ladies!!

xo, Heather


  1. Love that plummy quilt in progress, gorgeous colors and fun bees. I'm enraptured with all the Swoon blocks popping up, too. I'm not much for following patterns, but I might have to for this one! The only thing that's stopping me is the size of my WIP/UFO pile...

  2. I felt it, oh wait you weren't talking about the earthquake here on the east coast today. Silly me. Yes I can feel the end of summer too. Good think fall is my favorite season.

  3. If I utter the words "please tidy your toys up" once more in the month of August I swear I'm calling my mother to babysit till madam goes back to school. I am sooo feelin' it!

  4. I am LOVING your RSR quilt! And those Swoon quilts, yeah. I cannot get Angela's Good Folks one out of my head. I bought the pattern yesterday. Not enough Good Folks left sadly, but I will come up with a plan. :)

  5. I am luvin the bees....great colours!

  6. oh Heather this is truly lovely (ruby star spring) ... I too am making a quilt for me out of it - and jolly good fun it is too ...

    I love the Swoon blocks too ... I've just finished an HST marathon though so not sure if I can face all that piecing ... enjoying the improv blocks of the ruby star too much! LOL

    Can't wait to see your progress


  7. Fantastic Swoons! I have fabric coming to do mine too!!

  8. Oh! Those plums are really calling my name! Totally agree about the swoon blocks too :)

  9. I am with you! I cannot wait to get off It's a Small World! I need something new...Pirates of the Caribbean perhaps? ;-) Or maybe I just need some new inspiring fabric!

  10. Why come your swoon is the prettiest I have seen yet?? :) It reminds me why I follow your blog :) Thanks for showing!!


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