Friday, August 12, 2011


who has homework in the summer you ask??... OOhhh... yeah, that'd be me! It was bound to happen considering my slug-a-licious sewing behavior these past few months. but, it could be worse i suppose... i could have to do something quite awful like my children and go back to middle school! ha! suckers!! LOL just kidding boys... Mommy loves you! wink, wink!!
regardless... it's just simply stacking up! hahaha...

apparently in one of my fashionable tantrums this summer... i decided, i needed a pink quilt. i think that was a month ago. i don't even like pink!

yeah... and while sitting poolside with my boys, thought i finally start sewing together my hexie pillow... still in strips.  can you guess where this post is going??... ;)

OOhhh... and i surely picked up some fanTASTical Laminate Happy Mochi Yum Yum by my lovely Sister Yam Monica this summer too!!... all for Ashley's fab tote tutorial!! and, yes...this project really DOES peeve me off that it's still sitting on my ironing board! GGgrrr....

It's just sooOOOOooo painful to continue... but, here goes...

since, me and the Yammies meet at Sew, Mama, Sew... i couldn't help falling hard for these lovely coastal fabrics when i saw them in person... sigh... can you just see the drunk love possibilities, so chic!

and you can't even make a quilt pattern, let alone my new place mats ( in my very biased opinion ) with out the lovely Peacock Lane by my other equally fabulous Yammy Sister, Miss Violet Craft!

then why don't you just throw on a mound of "hurt all" on top with the amazingly ridiculous Ruby Star Rising 2 from the very talented Melody Miller!! i need to be punished for not yet cutting into these yet...

yep... i've been real bad. pretty sure i have a big o'le { F } for the summer sewing. Maybe, well... if you all would... possible stop being creative for like a month... i could catch up??? it would certainly help me finish with Lotta Jansdotter's new Echo line. i'm just saying... if you could??...

either way... please say i'm not the only one???... i could use a crew of "should, coulda, woulda" to hang with!

Xo, Heather


  1. I shoulda finished a kingsize sampler quilt this summer....

    So far I think I have 12 blocks.


    On the upside however, I did make a lovely kindle case last night, from a certain someone's tutorial :-) Will send you a link when I've taken some piccys...

  2. Oh yeah! I'm right there with you! I have so many sketches and stacks of fabric and partially started projects going it is crazy! I have to get myself organized TODAY! - or as soon as the kids go back to school :)

  3. I like your work, they are beautiful.
    have a good day

  4. Summer is hard to sew for sure! Especially when you have awesome weather and being inside is the last thing you want to do.

    Fall is around the corner and if you want to give up some of your awesome fabric for me to sew then I won't stop you at all lady! j/k

    I hope you keep having an awesome summer and you can sew later. . . (wink-wink)


  5. You are not alone! I have been collecting some great projects as well, we just need more hours in the day . LOL

  6. oh sista, you are not alone! what i love is that the family has learned to walk around each 'in progress' project or fabric yet to be cut into that project for most of the summer! ha, i just call it 'art in slow motion'

  7. Love the fabric you showed today. Nice! You will catch up I am sure. I like the pink quilt too! Have a great weekend!

  8. "should, coulda, woulda" Student #2 here...yep, I haven't done a whole lot either....Sept 1 is deadline to get butt in gear!

  9. It's all that running - it's cutting in to your sewing time :-)

  10. Um... I am SO with you! I have a quilt to finish for a contest that's due on the 17th of *this month* and it still doesn't have borders on yet! EEP!
    We have to confess those projects we haven't gotten to yet just to have the courage to pick them back up. :)

  11. Right there with ya. I'm taking 2 machines in for their annual check up just to alleviate my procrastination guilt. I can't feel guilty about not sewing if my machines are at the clinic, right?

  12. You are soooo not alone. I think it's the summer time, lack of schedules thing. At least that is my excuse. Why are we procrastinating on fun homework anyway? What is wrong with us? :D I love your new fabrics, have fun using them up! I've got a bizillion projects on this list I made, when I started writing it all down, it made me laugh, it's a long list. One at a time right? Okay, I'm going to stop talking now. :)

  13. Heather...if you SAW my "shoulda, coulda, woulda" that has been adding up for wouldn't feel so bad. I have placemats, chinese fabric flower lanterns, wreaths and a few quilts that just stare at me asking for completion but I'm a little rebel so I don't do it! It's pretty pathetic but I tend to find things I want to do faster than I can complete what I am doing! Oops! :-) ~ MC

  14. I've got hardly anything done this summer, your not on your own!

  15. I shoulda got a job but have spent far too much time sewing and not enough time filling in applications - Oops!

    I didn't know Happy Mochi Yum Yum came in a laminate. How yum yum would it be on the back of a picnic blanket!

  16. Wouda, couda, shouda here too. I feel like I am in slow mo.
    Love your fabbies.
    Don't worry you will be back in action soon.

  17. Oh, my list is so crazy long. With all the kids home, I've mostly just been at the pool this summer. I have nearly-finished things that should be a snap to finish -- that I haven't finished. I have blocks that are just sitting there, not turned into anything yet. I have piles of lovelies that I WANT to make something of -- still in my head. BUT, one more week till school starts. Maybe I'll be productive then. Or maybe I'll keep taking Boy 5 to the pool while the others are gone to school.

  18. you crack me up! love your list - looks like you've got loads of great projects, not to mention lots of great new fabrics! it's kind of hard to sew during the summer... I've been feeling the same way! despite my good intentions of getting at least one of the queen sized quilts I've started finished, they're still sitting there in the closet, no closer to being done... maybe this fall?

  19. You sweet girl. I love you Yammy Sister!

  20. My DD & DH don't understand why I have so many unfinished projects...just remember, there actually are no quilt police! We are all working at our own speed.

  21. I suspect there are more of us "with you" than against you. Who doesn't have QUADD? ((Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder)The U doesn't stand for anything it just comes after the Q 'cause that's the rule). We go from project to project like a honey bee goes flower to flower. Eventually complaining that we have too many UFO's then, calling on that indomitable quilter spirit, we finish them in record time and present them at show and tell to the theme from Rocky. That happens to you too right?


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