Wednesday, May 18, 2011

whelp... here it is!

Thank gosh peeps have been covering the booths and new fabric lines quite well in their blog posts... as i've enjoyed seeing them again ( sometimes even for the first time! )! hahaha... i would have loved to build onto those with additional clever photos of art... but in reality, when i got home from market... i only had the typical market shenanigans photos on my camera! i wish i could be more surprised by this, but that's just sooOOOoo me! LOL

To save myself a butt-load of time, i'm just going to play a little game with you all! called... { Can you guess the people in the pictures??? } Please send me an email not a comment to with your guesses and i will draw a winner from them! what will you win for said effort.... OOOhhh... how about a nice package full of Echino's new line i just picked up from market and it's not yet released!

have fun kids! as i know... i really did have a blast!! xoxoxo

I'm going to close this game out on next Monday! You all may need to study up! ;) Xo, Heather


  1. do I win a prize if I can name everyone? Because I wasn't really there, and I'm not in any of those pictures...not a single one...honestly.

  2. I totally missed that Kokka booth - so I'm glad you took a photo for me :) Also - you were one of my favorite people to meet!

  3. Other than you, the only person I know in the photos is Quilt Dad (at least I think that's him). But I've just gotta say that your new blonde hair is FABULOUS :) I know it's not what you intended, but you are rockin' it, girl!

  4. Are we supposed to be guessing ALL of the pictures?

  5. yep! there are many repeats... just make a list! you guys can do it! they are all industry folks! ;)

  6. Love the photos! Looks like a blast!

  7. Sent my e-mail..I'm exhausted *goes for a lie down*!!!

  8. No idea but they have great fabric! Love the fabric!!!

  9. OOOH Can I win a prize for loving your photos? lol. I've only ever seen Echino fabric in person once... and it was in my friend's stash... so jealous! :) Your pics are awesome by the way. A year from now all the other people's pics will be outdated, but not yours! Timeless.

  10. Oh my gosh! This is quite the challenge. I hope you had a blast although it looks like it in pics I've seen so far. ;)

  11. Hehe, I know everyone in those pictures, but I don't really think it would be very fair for me to play ;)

  12. gads you look like you had too much fun!

  13. loving your hair! seems you've setled into it :D

  14. looks like party central! love it. I love the echino. :)

  15. I'm so glad you recorded the shenannnigannns. It's like being back there, almost!

  16. It was great to see you!! Even though nobody thought to take pictures!!

  17. so glad to see you chickadee!!! not enough facetime... maybe one night we'll be at the same party together!

  18. Thank goodness you have an awesome prize because that is a TOUGH game! ;]

  19. I have almost no idea, but I thought I put in a joke or two...

    1. I recognize you and the yammies, that’s it. The blondes to the far left look vaguely familiar. The same way that most people do after I’ve had one too many margaritas.
    2. A ha! Amy Ellis and Erin of 2 more seconds
    3. This is a photo of 2 extras from Pirates of the Caribbean (not so cleverly) disguised as mustachioed men asking for directions to the men’s restroom, so oft-underused at said quilty-type gatherings.
    4. Aneela Hoey (taking the quilting scene by storm!), Heather (glam bam thank you ma’am), and a lady with a genuine I-love-life smile and froggy t-shirt.
    5. Julie of Jaybird quilts with her new pal Candi of Raccoon Creek Quilts
    6. Aneela Hoey in the process of a walk-by eyebrow plucking attack on a random pedestrian named Thomas.
    7. John, Quilt Dad to his peeps, dreaming of rolling in a field of Kona solids like Dorothy did in the poppies.
    8. I know when you release this woman’s name I will know it, Erin of R.C.C., and Aneela Hoey of Comfortstitching: 3 peas in a pod!
    9. You and Thomas, and damn! His eyebrows look great!
    10. An obvious dream sequence, complete with blurred edges. Pirate #1 is back on the scene and just said “Don’t let this blonde fool ya. She’d do anything for chocolate. Arrgh!”
    11. The breakfast club. Obviously.
    12. No clue, but it’s a really nice picture.
    13. Your friend with the fasnarfin tattoo, Kathy of Pink Chalk, clueless, I’ve seen this face—she’s a blogger, and finally, uh, my cousin Caroline?
    14. Nope, nope again, Charlie and Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads.
    15. You & a blogging peep.
    16. I think the lady in the middle is a designer. The other two are her loaded bodyguards.
    17. This is one of those crazy times when you drop the camera, catch it and it takes a photo of absolutely no one you know.
    18. The froggy t-shirt lady, Gladys. No cavities Gladys! You’re a good little brusher!
    19. Hot damn! It’s Tom Selleck in drag!
    20. Oh snap! These two are both bloggers and I’m gonna kick myself for not knowing their names!
    21. Cute! Oh, and there’s Molly Ringwald in the back wondering why no one called her when the Breakfast Club was corralled for a photo shoot ten slides ago.
    22. Derelict gang members. Parents, watch your kids.

  20. Aack! I recognize so many people from their blogs, but can't name them all. I see Aneela Hoey, Kaye Prince, You (duh), Quilt Dad (forgot his real name, John maybe?), and yeah, that's about it. Maybe if I were to win some cool Echino I'd be better at naming people.... Just a thought. :)


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