Monday, March 21, 2011

say what???

it was such a fun weekend! period. Yes, it is simply that easy to describe sometimes!! It started with going out to dinner & drinks with my Sweet Hot Yams on St. Patty's Day, Portland Modern Sewing Guild, and then a private after party full of deserts & more drinks with the Yammies!!... then, i spent a lovely time working on my entry for the { Modern } Relief - Japan Campaign... this Echino beauty... YOU can find out more information by emailing!

i got to work on some more yummy flowers for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, while my oldest was at his new music lessons!

My new heavenly fabric order came in from Marmalade Fabrics too!!! I'm loving the Tammis Keefe Tribute print in a linen/ cotton! i'm too excited to make a market bag out of this fabric!!

OOOhh... then the boy-toy was more than kind when he took me to Camera World yesterday and bought me a new camera! ;) yes, he is very kind indeed... considering i broke my 18-55mm lens on my old one and was using the telephoto one instead for all my pictures ( can you even imagine the length i went to for the pathetic images i have recently showed! LOL )... so, a playin... i did do!

( random picture alert! )

and just how fantastic is THIS print! I found it last week and it's currently being shipped to me! This guy is my most favorite print shop on Etsy... you must check him out! ( when you have nothing to do, but ignore priorities! ) LOL

Ps... I have sent Miss Pat Sloan my two winners to her Tour Ireland blog hop and she is compiling a { Ultimate } winners list that i will post shortly! Here's to another week my kids! So... go sew already! ( wink, wink ) Xo, Heather


  1. Hi Heather! Just saw the "Tour Ireland" book winners on Pat's blog...and I think, hope, pray! that I'm the "Cyndi" that won from your blog! I am so excited...can't wait to see if it's really me when you post your winners! :o)



  2. Congrats to Cyndi for winning The Tour of Ireland !

  3. Oooh, a new camera - how fun!


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