Thursday, January 13, 2011

{ Urban } Homes - a modern swap

{ Urban } Homes - a modern swap round 3 is starting sign-ups! i lOVE this swap!! so many fabulous home decoration arise from this swap and i'm always holding my breath until my mail man ( fake Santa ) comes a knock'in!! here's my mosaic of inspiration for my partner!! ;)

1. Sewing Machine Cover for UHGS, 2. Quilted Coasters, 3. coasters, 4. avenue coasters in grey, 5. Challah Cover, 6. DQS9 from lizzy house, 7. Kenny Powers Cross Stitch, 8. Wonky Star Goodness, 9. Scrappy Storage, 10. placemat, 11. ma p'tite roulotte..., 12. Patchwork Book Collection, 13. Scrappy Mug Rug Swap - Received!, 14. 04-29-10, 15. sh*t sh*t sh*t, 16. itty bitty quilt block magnets, 17. Untitled, 18. Space Invaders, 19. scrappy footstool pincushion, 20. Patchwork Dish Towels, 21. Book pillow, 22. Blue Circle Coasters, 23. Music is Life #1 mini quilt, 24. Placemat Swaps for Smeelgool, 25. set of 3 i'm sooOOooo excited! xo, Heather

ps... today's my 12th anniversary married to my greatest love!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love those cards - and couldn't believe what I saw on your inspiration mosaic - are those supposed to hang in the bathroom, or over the sewing machine?

  2. LOL!Those cards are hilarious!! I want them! And I love that little 3 hoop inspiration in the mosaic too;) I'm not sure where I'd hang it in my house, but sure cracks me up!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  3. oh you tease... like i have time for this? but i so want to... uhhhh... PS Happy Anniversary!!

  4. ha ha - those are so the one about giving up on finding anyone better...still laughing :-)
    Happy Anniversary and I already signed up :-)

  5. Ooh this swap always produces awesome stuff! I'm gonna think about it...Happy Anniversary to you and the boy toy :)

  6. Congratulations! We celebrate 10 years come fall. <3

  7. Happy anniversary to the both of you - that's awesome!

    Still debating about joining up for the Urban Home Goods swap - I'm just not sure there'd be enough time in the day to make enough goodies to satisfy my partner.


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