Saturday, January 8, 2011

i've been dating.

what... it's true. first, i spent a lovely day with Ty Pennington... it was a magical day... full of new linens, table toppers and decisions... i think he's quite glad that at the end of the day, when i asked him to move in and become a permanent fixture in my house, he accepted. doesn't he look happy here... ( wink, wink ) LOL... seriously! i had to instantly make some urban patchwork love for my home when i laid eyes on the FQ set from Marmalade Fabrics! I did end up adding in some yummy navy Kona sateen & ivory Essex Linen to the party, but really this is one seriously swanky line!

and, nope... no batting for me. just a quick flip and then LOTS of top stitching!!

( my new favorite "messy" look ) aaak! then i went on one, red-hot mess of date with my Portland ( get. gone. with their serious talent! ) Girlies ( Mo, Monica, Traci, Elizabeth, Kristen, Irene, Gabrien, Violet & Joan )... and if they aren't craft'in... they're causing all sorts of trouble that is just, plain right! we brought a ton of fabric's to swap this week and in thinking over the night's events... i think i can safely sum it up with two simple statements: i ended up looking like i live on "little house on the prairie". i now have an Oh, Fransson kick-a$$ quilt living at my home. man... i hope you all are taking advantage at meeting your local kids at the Modern Quilt Guilds, i can't even imagine my crafty life without these loons... i friggin heart them! plus, "friend's with bennifts" isn't a dirty statment anymore...!! true. ;) ( violet & me )

( elizabeth's quilt... cough, cough... i mean, my new quilt! )

and then no, technically i'm not dating this print artist ( FuaxKiss )... but, i am swooning over her! a couple of weeks ago, i decided i really wanted to support my local print artists ( so, i did a local search on Etsy ) and i was floored by the talent i found! I bought 3 of her prints and i plan on showing you many more that i have been acquiring in up coming posts! these ones are seriously fierce!

OOOhhhh and i so almost forgot! i finally picked out which fabrics i'm sending to my { Bee } Imaginative - A Virtual Quilting Bee kids... Kona solids & Tweeds! i see a LOT of texture in my future!!

okay... off to play Mom again with the fam... hope you all have a smashing weekend!! XO, Heather


  1. ohhhhh.. i love those art prints!!! and those last fabrics - swoooon!!

  2. Ty would be so proud!

    And next time we take a picture at sewing circle, we need to position the subjects with a better background -- like maybe all those yummy bolts of fabric! You rock that look, BTW :D

  3. excuse me, but WHO is that little four-legged one in the oh fransson quilt pic? how do we not know about her (him?)?

  4. Oooh, fabulous eye candy! And I can't believe you have one of Elizabeth's quilts - I just love her stuff!!! Lucky girl!

  5. I call the quick flip the turn and burn! Especially for a table topper. Not so thick! Turn and burn baby!

  6. Is that your dog?! He's so cute! You'll have to bring him to the next meeting. Love your Ty Pennington things! I think you'll have to show me that messy stitching up close next time.
    Yeah what Joan says. Fabric in the background and not coatracks falling off the wall, lol.

  7. Wow, you got the quilt that I want to make first from her book. It looks like you guys had fun.

  8. Loving seeing all your handmade pillows and newly acquired prints in your home!

  9. And here all this time I thought Ty went the other way. Well, leave it to you to get him to change teams, lol!! Super cute placemats!

  10. Who is that cute little fur ball in the corner? I want to smooch that face! Oh, your quilt is nice too!


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