Saturday, April 3, 2010

busy, busy bee!

I have been a busy, busy bee yesterday! I have a couple quilts that I'm super excited about making... so I thought I better bust out my bee blocks! Ashley ( filminthefridge ) was up first and she was asking for some yummy drunk love blocks by Denyse Schmidt!

Then Jessica's ( twinfibers )... she also wanted a Drunk Love block... however, she wanted her's tonal! This was a great idea!! ;)

Sew New To Me VQB ( April )

and because I'm naughty... I finished Corey's ( little miss shabby ) block from March!... her request was a new block for me... a half square triangle block!
Sew New To Me VQB (March )
OOooohh yeah... Nova ( a cuppa and a catch up ) sent the most fabulous surprise to Kerri and myself as a thank you for our work on The Pillow Talk Swap... and she even tied them up with yarn of our signature colors... she it truly one clever duck!! Thanks Nova... you are soooo thoughtful!! :)
a m a z i n g... right!
and then I just couldn't help myself... I have to show you this blasphemy!!! Can you believe my husband dared to put his new tool in my land??? He's playing with his own life sometimes!! haha Have a wonderful Easter!! Xo, Heather


  1. First the tangerine fabric and now THIS! Off with his head!

    Love all of your blocks! Is that a tiny cross pin cushion? I need to try that!

  2. the half square triangle block is so did an amazing job.

  3. your blog looks great Heather and what a sweet and awesome little gift! I *must* make one of those cross quilts. I must!

  4. I was more and more wowed with each new block you showed. I loved the colors and design in Ashley's blocks. Jessica's tonal block was FABULOUS too. But I think I'm going to have to say that Corey's block was my favorite. Nice work. Hope you have lots of time to work on your quilts now!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE purple. Those blocks look sweet. I have that same line as my ironing board cover.

  6. The purple one s are gorgeous! I love that color. Beautiful, beautiful! It's always fun when we get presents that sing to your heart... it means someone really listens to who you are, & that's a great feeling! :)

    I have a theory as to why your husband did that! ;) Guys! :)

  7. Love the blocks! I'm forever telling my hubby - "the ironing board is NOT a table"! :D

  8. Heather you so funny girl! Sometimes I wonder what (if anything) these guys are thinking ; )
    Gorgeous drunk love blocks...and I'm liking your ironing board cover too.

  9. I love all your blocks. They look so nice with the greys incorporated in with the other colors.


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