Friday, April 30, 2010

big Winners!!

Let me be the first to give a big thanks to Hawthorne Threads for their generosity towards the Pillow Talk { Swap }! Here are the very, lucky five winners of their fabric :)
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153 bruinbr said... Great giveaway! I love Lucy & Norman's anthropologie inspired pillow from the last swap! May 1, 2010 9:58 AM
22 Val Miller said... here is one of the fabric's I am loving all over right about now (and I really want it) April 30, 2010 5:20 PM
167 tammie said... i l.o.v.e hawthorne threads!!this pillow would be my favorite, although there were soooo many gorgeous ones!
Megan said... There are too many pillows to choose from but I am loving this one What a nice simple design to showcase some amazing fabrics!
38 NiCoLe said... My favourite fabric on Hawthorne Threads is this one. was really difficult to narrow it down to one though. April 30, 2010 5:58 PM
Timestamp: 2010-05-06 13:19:28 UTC
Now there is no reason to call a whambulance if you didn't win because Charlie & Lindsay have given us another FIVE scrap packs to give-a-way through an online interactive vote on the Fat Quarterly!! Just keep checking their new blog for all the details and if you happen to also need to purchase one of their issues ( like i did )... you'll have plenty of ideas on what to utilize your new possible fabric score on!!
and now a little personal thought i had this week....
nothing to do with fabric... EVERYthing to do with an obsession
how funny a little thing like music is to a person.. for me i listen to many of my most treasured music artists and while hearing them i see colors and pictures of fabric, patterns and designs... in fact i could probably recall every band i was listening too while creating each bee block or swap gift for all my treasured friends... but NOTHING compares to my youngest son and how music speaks to him. i listen and revel in the lyrics and the message the song brings... he listens and hears only the vibrations the beats they bring... he'll move his hands to Coldplay's Violet Hill and dance with me to Rhianna's Rude Boy... only hearing the rhythm that each song brings him... it's an amazing thing that happens to a human while they listen to music in the backdrop of their lives... it's as if it captures their memories and every time you hear that song again you remember. fantastic, really... just fantastic. each of the songs i choose too share on my blog are immensely beautiful to me... whether they are the first songs i kissed my husband too or had an early morning dance in the kitchen with one of my sons... i can honestly say.... that if quilts are my completed art then music is my fabric... it completely drives me and my loved ones daily.... i'd love to hear which song moves you to your core! the one that makes you smile just at the thought that it could actually play again... just then... on the radio at that moment.... thus catching your breath while bringing you back to that sweet moment in your past.
nostalgia at it's best.... heaven.
xo, Heather


  1. Love it, I feel the same way about music. It's another form of art just like crafting and shows the world another ring in our tree of life.

    Great post, congrats to the winners

  2. thanks darlin!! two peas in a pod... we are! :)

  3. there are so many.... but the few that come to mind immediately by pearl jam, yellow by cold play, no one by alicia keys and hate me by blue october. my love of music has no boundaries and so much of it truly feels like part of my soul, but the one song that feels like it is part of my dna, the one that swings me back to childhood and the feeling of being around my mom would be the wall by pink floyd...that one I can barely listen to without feeling all strings on my heart pull and tug.

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  5. OMGosh... are you my new BFF??? i LOOOOOOOve all of those songs... and The Wall... was playing in the background through my entire life in highschool!!! You MUST be generation X !!! Yep... you're a keeper for sure!!! :)

  6. I love so many kinds of music! I always have music playing and there are so many times I FEEL the music and lyrics...
    My favorite songs are "Missing" by Evanescence and "Say" by Runaway Dorothy. If you've never heard of Runaway Dorothy I highly, highly recommend looking them up!
    ~ Jennie

  7. I can't imagine life without music - ever. My favorite thing is singing along to music in the car with my kids. Last week, my son was going through hockey tryouts - and his go to song was "enter sandman" by metallica. Okay - I know - metal head!! The next favorite was "I gotta feeling" by Black eyed peas. Totally different songs, but I just loved that they spoke to him, and he wanted to hear them over and over to pump him up. Okay ... I will stop babbling!!

    OH yes ... NO WHAMBULANCE REQUIRED HERE >>>> Thanks!!! I can't believe I won!! AND I am totally taking that word and putting it in my dictionary. Love it!! I am using it in a sentance at least three times today.

  8. Loves to watch my little one with all music. You could put on any song and his body starts moving...
    :) Makes my day too!!

  9. Congrats to the lucky winners!!
    Yup I'm pretty much the same way - always have my iPod handy wherever I am

  10. Holy guacamole! I can't believe I'm one of the Lucky Random Chosen! Did I leave my contact info?

    And I love your post about music. I absolutely love watching my kiddos (4 and 2) as they get into music. In fact, at preschool today my son had a Mother's Day quote on a poster that said, "I love dancing with my mama." He pretty much rocks my world!

  11. Beautiful post Heather - music really does have a way of touching our lives in different ways! I hear music in a slightly different way since I have SSD (single sided deafness - I'm almost completely deaf in my left ear) but there are a couple of songs that touch me every time I hear them: any version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (but especially the KD Lang version; I even discovered a new instrumental version this morning by Time for Three that is breathtaking) and Song for Ireland by Mary Black. There are a few others of course, but I get a little teary every time I hear those two songs.

  12. Yay! I can't believe I was one of the lucky winners! This makes my week! Congrats to the other winners!

    I totally feel the same way about music too! It's amazing how a song can take you back to a moment/event. :)

  13. Congrats to the winners!!!

    I don't listen to music as much as i used to but the songs that mean the most to me are 'Fade Into you' by Mazzy Star, 'Fearless' by Pink Floyd and 'Kentucky Rain' by Elvis

    The first 2 songs remind me of a particlar time in my life. I feel the sadness that i felt at the time i was listening to these songs, but also the joy that i felt when i got the fairytale ending.

    The last one is the sound of my childhood but also the sound of a life changing event in year 2000.

  14. Wow, I can't believe I won! For some reason I didn't read your blog for a few days (I guess I was busy or something). Thanks so much!

    As for music, I NEED it in my life. I always have music playing while I get ready in the mornings, driving, sewing, chillin'. I pretty much love every kind of music, but for some reason the cello speaks to my soul. Whenever I hear cello music, everything just stops, my eyes close and I FEEL it down to my toes. so awesome!


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