Sunday, March 14, 2010

Plus Pillows & Liberty...

My childhood BFF's birthday is coming up next week and knowing that her and her husband have been working so hard remodeling their living room... I thought she would love some new Pillows for their couch! So many fabulous bloggers have made these type of applique pillows recently and I have been just dying to give them a try... although... I had to put my own spin on it and make them into cross' ( or plus' )... I decided to use my last little bit of Orla Kiely fabric on them and reverse the plus on the second pillow to give them a BFF feel ( they belong together! )... I think they look pretty smart! ;) I do hope she loves them... either way though... I doubt she'd ever say otherwise ( wink, wink )!!
Another exciting event was the debut of Liberty of London at Target and you know I couldn't miss that!! ;) I picked up a couple dresses and an adorable tote for all my embroidery homework for the car pool line! LOL...
And then... this... it really is horrible... I ( and when I say I mean... the husband ) painted my head board Aqua a couple weeks ago... with the plan that I was going to make my ( me + you ) quilt in our room... and he didn't dig it so.... as a compromise... i told him he could take me shopping at my fav... West Elm store in downtown Portland :) I picked out this fabulous charcoal quilt... but now... the head board needs to be repainted!
Help... I need color ideas! I was thinking about going with cranberry??? I dunno... I need my friends advice! and that means you!!
Thanks in advance... XO,Heather


  1. Gorgeous pillows and how I wish our Target stocked Liberty!

  2. Why paint??? Maybe you could cover it with some batting/foam and one of your favorite coordinating fabrics ...

  3. not cranberry... red is not a relaxing color... it isn't suggested for bed rooms... if the blue isn't working look in the green family of colors... those are also recommended for bedrooms! {& nice pillows!!}

  4. Thanks Christy!! we thought of that today with even Amy Butlers wine sunspots... but then i thought... what if i don't but it and waste all that super good fabric!! AAaaaKKKkkk!!

    I'm sooo lost!!

    and Terri.... your a trouble maker!! you know the boy toy isn't diggin orange!! LOL

  5. I really love the gray/silver, purple and green combo in bedrooms. It can look so rich but is also quite relaxing. It's easy to incorporate natural pieces but also keep it feeling luxurious.

    I have been trying to plan a bedroom re-model for myself in a similar palette. I especially like that it is easy to blend in white and black as well. And although I think a deep and rich purple is best you can also mix in some lavender too. This is especially awesome in the spring/early summer when all the lilac bushes are in bloom. Sooo pretty.

    And if hubby doesn't like the idea of purple...remind him it's the color of royalty...kings especially ;)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with

  6. Linnea~

    royalty... that's awsome!! don't want to swell his head or anything!!! LMAO!!! I do like the idea of purple with a touch of cranberry & Tangerine... hmmm... wonder if he'll go for it ( wink, wink )?? :)

  7. i'm not much help as i like the aqua head board. what if you did aqua and charcoal pillows to tie the two colors in?

  8. Love the pillows! And so excited for Liberty stuff too. I love gray and green. Purple also works as well but colors in the greens and blues are more soothing. Have fun!

  9. I love the pillows. You did an excellent job! I love grays and yellows together... calming and happy.

    Jennifer :)

  10. I'm with Kerri, I like the aqua with the charcoal. So soothing. I love those new pillows you made too, look fab!
    OK, well I'm off to Target now!

  11. I think Navy would be really pretty.

  12. hmmm...I'm really digging greens right now, I vote for green..or how about putting a whitewash over the aqua? Add some tangerine or green throw pillows too..Heck what do I know, but the quilt is nice..

  13. My hubbie is a good painter too. I did this cumin (yellowish, but not)color that I was somewhat shocked with at first, but now I love it. It works with all other colors, especially grays and deep burgandy.

    Love the pillows.

  14. WOW I love the pillows and the quilt and WHY OH WHY does my target not have the liberty out yet???? I think cranberry would look awesome

  15. Hi again, and thank you for your sweet comment, it made me smile for days, I just had to keep popping back to read it to cheer me up. :-) I thought about writing you how happy you made me with that simple gesture for days but ended up not daring, but now you know.

    I hope you can take an honest answer since you asked, all tastes are of course different so I can only give my opinion. I'm afraid I'll have to agree with your husband, and then disagree with you again!

    I think that the quilt you thought of would be too peppy for a bedroom, looking at it gives me energy far beyond being able to sleep around. Second I think you shouldn't think more about repainting the head of the bed, it looks fantastic with the grey! Depending on how you feel about the wood next to the bed I might even think about painting that too, maybe the same nuans as the bed but quite a lot brighter, white or pink could also be options.

    I think that a throw that's the kind that can lie sideways down at the foot of the bed for decoration/snugglequilt could be a nice idea since the grey is quite dark and kind of swallows a lot of visual space. I'm thinking that you could pick up the aqua from the bed head, the grey from the bed cover but make it a quite bright grey though still definately grey, then maybe some white and then since there are a lot of things connecting to the bed in itself and white to make colour impressions easier to take maybe your husband could live with a splash of orange for you and then he might want a colour of "his" dotted in there too? Maybe a zig zag quilt to pick up the subtle form on the bed cover, or a pattern that seems calm and together.

    Maybe you could use those groups of orange swiming fishes on white if you have them, it's white, it's orange, fish and aqua has a deeper soothing meaning and you could tell him the masculine fish are only for him! ;-) Hope you are fine and that you find the perfect idea for your bedroom.

  16. i bought my littlest niece a liberty of london dress and got myself a tote/wallet. its fab!

  17. Since when do husbands get a decor vote??! :). Do what you like, and explain that you'll be "happier" in the bedroom that way.


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