Friday, January 15, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti - Heather Ross fabrics

I have really been inspired by all the crafting community members coming together for the poor souls in Haiti! I can't help myself but to think that if I were them... I sure hope others would do the same for me... I truly live by the Golden Rule and it has not led me astray so far. With that being said, I have donated 5 FQ's of Heather Ross' Lightning Bug collection to this amazing Etsy Shop being led by some amazing Crafters and the good people at Doctors Without Boarders! I am really excited to bring these fabric to someone for a great cause and I do hope you find my price to be fair considering... I am not benefiting from the proceeds at all and 100% are going to the great people of Haiti! It feels good to be a price gouger for a charity! LOL Please take the time to check out the website and Etsy shop! Thanks for all your support my friends!! Heather


  1. Wooo Hoo Heather I just submitted mine as well. I have been trying to figure out ways to help in any small way I can! Thats quite the lovely stash

  2. pretty generous of you! isn't it great how the crafty community can mobilize at a moment's notice!

  3. I just saw that you're a follower on my blog!!!! I can't believe that "a la mode fabric" has seen my stuff. You're a guru. Love your stuff and thanks for your generous donation. Its been fantastic to be a part of. I'm pretty new at all of this, but over 50 of my patterns have sold so far, so its nice to help in a small way.

  4. AMAZING is the only way I can decribe our little community! Okay... Okay... maybe terrible giving too! I'm about ready to start finding more for their round two!!! It's suach a GREAT cause!! :)


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