Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to TwentyTen!

What a year, What a year! This year has been full of new adventures for my family and myself ;) From moving twice, buying a home, and starting my blog and little Flickr groups with a dear friend…. I have had an exciting time! However, I must say… I’m very excited for what the New Year will bring! Although, I have been quite blessed with my second year of my Etsy Shop… I think it’s time to retire from my business and start a new adventure ;) Between my local shops, wholesalers, and my dearest of clients… I have produced hundreds and hundreds of rag quilts and have had a blast doing so… but I’m ready to move on to new techniques! I’m very much looking forward to my three virtual quilting bees that I’ll be participating in this year, my embroidery swaps, fabric swaps, and my fav… The Pillow Talk Swap! It’s been quite a long time that I have made anything for myself or family… so here’s to us this year! Here’s to filling my home with handmade crafts produced by myself and my new friends that I have been so fortunate to have met through 2009! I truly look forward to our next year together and the newly dedicated time I will have to give our joint endeavors! Happy New Year friends! I will leave you with some Pillow Talk Swap favorites!!! { and yes... I realize my Mosaic ability is a little less than par ;) } 1. Pillow for....., 2. Pillow for Swap - Ready to Send, 3. Pillow Talk Swap - done, 4. finished!, 5. going to......., 6. pillow talk swap, 7. front of pillow cover, 8. front of pillow cover, 9. Pillow talk swap finished!, 10. pillow talk front, 11. Pillow Talk Swap - Front View, 12. Swap Pillow, 13. Pillow Talk Swap - For My Partner, 14. Pillow Talk Swap - All Mine, 15. pillow talk swap~ finished!, 16. Pillow Talk Swap (ready to send), 17. pillow swap front, 18. The Pillow Talk { Swap } sent :)), 19. Pillow swap front, 20. pillow talk swap, 21. Pillow Talk {Swap}, 22. Pillow Talk Swap *Sent*, 23. a gorgeous gnome and girl pillow!, 24. Pillow Talk Swap 3, 25. Aren't they lovely together?, 26. Pillow Talk Swap, 27. My Pillow Talk Swap, 28. Pillow swap, 29. The Pillow Talk Swap For Sasikirana - Side B, 30. Pillow Swap Pillow front, 31. Pillow swap back, 32. Wonky Square in Square Pillow 2, 33. SNEAK previews, 34. Pillow talk /finished, 35. Pillow Talk {swap} Button


  1. Happy New Year, Heather! What?! Are you shutting down? I hope to keep up with your "new" projects via flickr! Good luck to you and your family in 2010!

  2. Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what your new endeavors bring you! :)

  3. it was a great year of meeting so many great online friends!! and you being the bestest ever!!! :) so excited for this new year!!

  4. I can't wait to see what your new endeavors bring you!

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  5. Hi, Heather! I sent you an email about the giveaway on my blog: YOU WON!! I haven't heard back from you, so this is your last chance! ;o)


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