Friday, December 11, 2009

Catch up!

All I can say about my lack of la blogging... is unpacking! It's crazy how much stuff you forget about after moving twice within six months, however... never again! We are home and I am finally starting dig out my sewing room from all the boxes... the change is insane from the original picture, but that's for another post {wink, wink}! Here's some of my catch ups and sneeky peekys! DECEMBER ~ The { Munki Munki } Quilt a Long and Swaps My darling oldest, Reed, has been helping me with the Teacher's Christmas gifts too! Cara ( Me? A Mom ? ) and Kirsten ( threedancingmagpies ) helped me pull together this clever idea for bookmarks! We're just waiting for our paper clips to arrive! Then a sneeky peeky on my next quilt... The Calypso Star... I'm following this fab tutorial at The Silly BooDilly... I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season and sewing their little hearts out! XO, Heather


  1. You are back! And you survived the move!

    Lovely blocks...I especially love the star block.

    Great Christmas idea with the book marks.

  2. wow everything looks amazing..good luck with all the unpacking. i know how hard it can be. we have moved 7 times in 10 years

  3. everything is super cute, I just love those snowballs. and aren't the buttons so much fun to make? I just love them, and the bookmarks have done so well in the shop! great work. :)

  4. Your snowballs are turning out beautiful!! I need to get busy on my string blocks!!

    LOVE the bookmarks your making, and what a perfect gift for teachers!!

  5. Lovely blocks...I especially love the star block.
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