Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mushroom Land Embroidery Hoop & more...

I finished my " Hand Stitched " embroidery hope for my partner... Kerri yesterday! I have to admit I was very nervous, since this was my first hoop... I combined several patterns to create a sweet little scene that I hope will be darling in her little girls room! All the artist among this swap have really inspired me to keep going with it and I'm thinking I might bust out some more cuties to mix into my shop quilts???... They are just simply too cute! You have to check out these made by Sublime Stitching... super modern with a touch of whimsical! I have several and I can say I'm completely addicted!! VINTAGE - LAMPS THE BLACK APPLE JULIE WEST


  1. I absolutely LOVE the little mushroom land!! I can't wait!! THANKS YOU, my friend! :)

    Love the sublime stitching ones. Mine should be arriving any day. And how great is it that they are so reasonably priced for getting a bunch of different cute patterns in one.

  2. these are so wonderful and I love the one you made.. so cute

  3. Too cute! Well done Heather! Love the other little designs too.


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