Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kerri put me on a diet!

Kerri has put me on a fabric diet until I can at least use 1/2 of my stash. HALF MY STASH.... That seem like it would take FOREVER! However... I can use it on the shop, holiday gifts, quilts... Maybe I can pull it off??? LOL And, she also dared me not to buy anymore until the first of the year!!! This is blasphemy!! Listen, I know I have a severe fabric buying problem and that I have little to no time to use it on all my clever ideas and crafty hopes... but I don't think I'm nearly as strong as Kerri gives me credit for! I think I need your guys' help! Here's a quick idea of how nutty thing have gotten... I was thinking maybe that if someone wanted to sew me some goodies { like a Lush quilt that I had every good intention of making } then I could pay them off with some of their fav fabrics??? This, I realize, is crazy talk... but what's a girl to do???


  1. Lush quilt? What is that? (My interest has been piqued!)

  2. I'd love to get my hands on that stash. What does this Lush quilt entail? And, yes. I am serious.

  3. yep, no more buying fabric, my friend!! ;)

    that sure sounds like a great plan, trading some fabrics for some handmade goodies! can't wait to see what comes of it.

  4. that would be so so hard...going without seems so sad! :o)
    your piles of fabric are gorgeous! i would die to have a few minutes in that room just to look and touch all the pretty fabrics

  5. Oh, you could definitely pay me off in fabric to make something for you!

    I also have way too much fabric in my stash, but what can I say, it's just so pretty to look at!

  6. Seriously... I'm sooo overwhelmed by it, not cause I'm ungrateful, just because I get so sad that nothing comes from it :( This is just a very busy time for me with my wholesalers and my move...

    A Lush Quilt, is just a quilt made with { Erin Michael's Lush fabric line... }

    I have even bought patterns for really cool quilts... and still no time... and then when I have time, I can't seem to make my mind up about which collection I should use...

    I know, I know... someone call me a whambulance ;)

  7. I know how you feel. I am a little disgusted when I look at how much fabric I have compared to how much time I have to sew. Good luck with your challange. I need to go on a fabric buying diet.. maybe we could start some sort of club like biggest loser but for people who over buy fabric..haha I really do have a million cool ideas but not so much time

  8. A Fabric Diet - if it was Biggest Loser and you successfully lost half your stash you would definitely be a winner!! Love the idea of swapping stash for handmade goodies and can't wait to see what happens and how you loose some weight (does hiding stuff under the bed so no-one knows count?).

  9. I would LOVE to help you out! I'm planning on making more tote bags (some from scratch and some decorated store-bought ones like I made for the pears), mini quilts, pot holders, stockings...the list goes on. If you would like any of the above, please let me know.

    And, thank goodness Kerri hasn't seen my stash! I have way too much and no intention of dieting! :-)

    ~Jenni / Cat Hair Quilts

  10. I'm with Jenni! No dieting here (well at least not the fabric kind). I would be both ashamed and proud all at once to show you my stash, and I have only been collecting fabric for a year!

    I hope you got in your Nicey Jane order before you started! Your stash is lovely!

  11. I love your fabrics, I have a stash control problem of my own and I hope to make a dent in it this weekend at a quilting retreat. I think I would have to be gone a year to get thru my stash I have been buying fabric for 10 years and never enough time to sew. Good luck with the diet I tried that it lasted 9 months without buying anything then a great sale came and I lost all control and have been off my fabric diet with no hopes of ever recovering. I just love fabric, it is addictive it makes me happy and you can never have to much. I just keep saying when I retire and do not have the extra money to spend I will have plenty of fabric to keep me busy. Good Luck!!!

  12. So it seems like you have lots of offers for a lush quilt. But I would love to trade some homemade goodness for some of the fabric in your stash. I'm not against making a quilt out of lush fabrics for you but now that you put it out there I would hate for you to end up with a bunch of quilts from the same line. Unless you love it that mush :) Let me know and we'll see what we can work out.


  13. ha ha! I unfortunately don't have the time to offer you, but I DO have fabric I can trade you for more fabric...ha ha ha! That's such a horrible idea ;)

  14. I LOVE my virtual friends... first they make me feel normal! And, secondly... they are always soooo sweet! Thank you for all the offers! I would send you all the fabric for any project you'd like to do and then more for yourselves as payment! I have been collecting great collections with no time in the seeable future to make anything out of them... I'd love to give homemade gifts for Christmas this year { whether they are from me or not } ;)... and any all projects could be really cool!

    Just to explain a bit more... :)

  15. I wish I could go on a fabric diet. I know that I should - I just sent a box of fabric away and while I was filling it, I became a little disgusted at how much fabric I really have and how that box didn't really even cause a dent.

    So what did I do this morning? Went on Etsy and bought more fabric. I couldn't resist more pigs . . .

    I think Kerri needs to start a 12 step program.

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  17. hi there! I'd love to do some sewing for fabric! check out my website & pics, etc for samples of my work...if you like what you see, let me know if you're interested in working with me.

    =) thanks, Nani

  18. LOL, I understand! My fabric closet is exploding and my husband is horrified every time he peeks in there.

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  20. well, I don't have much fabric, but I do know how to embroider very well, if I do say so myself. I would love to trade some of my work for some fabric. I have recently used up most of the fabric that I have, and with another baby on the way, I can't really go out to buy more; and since I'm planning on making cloth diapers this go round I can use any fabric I can get my hands on. I would love to be able to make a trade, if you are interested, you can email me at

  21. I hear you loud and clear! I have put myself on a fabric diet too. Actually it is a fast. No fabric buying for October, November, December. I will see how things are going come January. I could probably get by another month then too, after that I really should just buy what I need for backing or sashing. If I can just make a huge dent then #1)I won't feel so guilty about buying more and #2)dh will see that I have actually USED some fabric and maybe I do deserve to have some more.
    It KILLS me though, all the new lines that I love! *Sigh*
    LUSH?? Ohhhhhhh I would love to make a LUSH quilt.

  22. i too would be willng to make some handmade goodies for you in return for fabric
    hmm, totes of linen and possibly patchwork?
    patchwork placemats
    ispy placemats
    and it there is anything in particular, just ask!!

  23. Sorry for the delay... both my boys have the swine flu and I have been spending a lot of time as Nurse Betty ;) If I sent you a pattern and the fabric... could you follow it??? I have purchased quite a few that I have had every intention of doing and never could get them completed :( I'd love to have those ones done first!

    As for the flea Market Fancy and Heather Ross fabrics... Some I simply have more of than others and I was thinking of doing charm packs with them... A lot of great patterns are made from charms {patchwork, hour glass, window, wonky star...} That way... someone would have a very cool rare collection to make a fabulous quilt from...

    This would also allow myself to be able to share with a couple wonderful quilters my rare stash, that might not be obtainable for them otherwise { because of the price gougers charging so much for each print :( } Would that be something that interests you??? I would only really ask that the top be completed too... I really want each quilt quilted in a very specific pattern, which I will plan on doing on my girlfriend’s long arm...

    Anyways... that's what I have been thinking???

    XO, Heather

  24. I would love to finish a quilt top for you. To be honest the quilting is the only part that I would be worried about doing for someone else. But I would love to make a top. I think this is a great idea as well because you would be able to get a lot of things done before the holidays.

    I think the charm packs are a good idea also. As someone who missed out on FMF I would love to get my hands on something as simple as some charms. But then again I'm not picky and you have so many great fabrics in your stash I would be happy with anything. So grab bags might be nice as well.

    If you send me an email I can give you more details but I think that you are on to something great.


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