Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Newest Adventures...

Fall has come! Not only does this mean a gorgeous display of changing colors and bone warming comfort foods... it also means I get to stay inside more and sew! I really wanted a rich fall and winter full of opportunities to express my creativity with all my cyber friends, so not only have I started some fabulous swaps and quilt alongs... I've joined some great ones too! Next Month will be the { Kick Off } for my Munki Munki Quilt Along and SWAP!!! Plus, I will also be organizing and implementing my newest endeavor... The Pillow Talk { Swap }!! For all that are interested in what these two groups are about, please feel free to follow the links!! I am so excited to start both! One will lead me down the road to an amazing wonky star quilt made out of my darling collection of Heather Ross' Munki Munki fabrics and the other will be a surprise of urban goodness in the form a throw pillow! My scrumptious display of heart stopping, inspirational pillows from grand artists! 1. Crafting 365 - Day 75, 2. Owl Softie in Lotus - back, 3. big pillows, 4. Patchwork Pillows 2, 5. Hexillow, 6. technicolor pillows 002, 7. Pillow from left over Zig Zag Quilt, 8. String Quilt Pillow, 9. Crazy Dresden Plate Pillow, 10. Zinnia Pillow, 11. the print & the flower pillow, 12. window panes pillows 002, 13. New pillow for Elin's room, 14. IMG_4308, 15. Linen Patchwork Pillows, 16. gnome pillow Additionally, a wonderful friend Ariel { whom is the creator of my personal... Life Aquatic illustrations } started the ADORABLE... "Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP. Now this will turn out to be no less amazing! And, my whimsical display of urban, and modern embroidery from talented artists... 1. Make like a tree, 2. crewel embroidery, 3. bird embroidery, 4. Randomwork embroidery, 5. blue and white seed details, 6. chandelier embroidery :: work in progress, drying, 7. Woolly embroidery finished....., 8. Sneak Preview! Wanna ride my bicycle?, 9. Happy Garden embroidery pattern And if that wasn't enough... I was super lucky to be invited to participate in and be the first ( month ) of the Sew New To Me Virtual Quilting Bee !! I have sent out my packages full of Heather Ross' Far Far and Away fabrics in a color theme of blues, aqua, and tangerine... My quilt will be a collaboration of whimsical Improv Wonky Log Cabin Style blocks... and I simply can not wait to start receiving them back! :) This was my block to express my vision for my lovely quilt! XO, Heather


  1. I love the unicorn block, I'm a huge fan of tangerine. Sounds like your going to be busy busy!!


  2. We have a busy couple of swapping months coming up!!

  3. Yes we do Kate! It's gonna be a blast!! :)

  4. That block is fantastically adorable!! I must know what that little tree fabric is near the top? Busy girl, looking forward to the pillow swap:)

  5. Glad to find someone who loves Life Aquatic. I've even given it as a gift to several people but no one I've given it to liked it! Can u imagine!


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