Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Plan of Attack!

I have been so bummed that I haven't been able to play with all my new acquired goodies... My stash has really grown this past summer with some yummy gems, however... I can't seem to find the time to make more products for my Etsy shop ;( So... I've come up with a plan of attack... I hope it's not too lame??? THE A LA MODE LIMITED EDITION LOVEY I have been so blessed by my wonderful clients recently! Although, I was planning to reOpen my shop at the end of the month…. with the amount of custom orders placed this last week, I’m afraid I am off schedule. So… I have come up with a compromise of sorts { wink, wink }. I will now be offering {Limited Edition Lovey’s } These Lovey’s are made from my amazing ( Rare, OOP, Hard to Find, and Extensive) fabric collection. All Lovey’s will have at least one square made from each of the pictured fabrics and will be made to order according to YOUR desired look. My fabric collection is completely out of control, so please don’t hesitate to ask for a substitution of fabric … { more likely than not, I’ll have the fabric you’re wanting }. Please allow for two weeks to complete your loved one’s custom order! Thanks so much and I hope you love my new additions to my fabric stash! ;) HERE IS SOME FABRIC EXAMPLES YOU'LL SEE IN MY SHOP! Denyse Schmidt - Flea Market Fancy Blue Bouquet Heather Ross - Beach Heather Ross - Lightning Bug Campers... in blue too! Prints Charming Erin Michael - Lush Denyse Schmidt - Flea Market Fancy Gold Bouquet Heather Ross - Fishies in a bag

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  1. Oh my...you HAVE been busy. What I wouldn't give for 10 minutes in your stash!


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