Friday, July 17, 2009

Planning the BIG reOpening...

I tried, I really did try to take a break {wink, wink}! But, I've thrown my hand up and decided to reopen my Etsy shop :) Originally, when I first opened... I thought I would just be selling fabric, but since then... realized how much I enjoy creating art with my fabric goodies... so, I'm taking a big fat leap and changing my shabby chic image to a more true version of myself. I am a true Portlander, and if you don't know what that means... well, I LOVE the big city, the urban mix of people, the brewery's, the swanky shops and Bohemian feel of sticky summers here! I have really been steering towards an urban, beach vibe... full of calming colors with a twist of the 80's and I think I'm going to carry that mix over to my Etsy shop. I do hope my clients enjoy the new look and { of course } I bring in a new market of clientele ;) Here's some of my new look...


  1. Awesome! Good luck with the reopening!!!!

  2. NEAT! I love it. That illustration of the sailor is completely retro cute.

    I've finished your seahorse and octopus on to the Belafonte!

  3. YEAH Ariel!!! I have your stash... just a waiting for you! I can't wait to see them ;)

    And, thanks Karen & Rebecca... I can't wait to get back into it... how sad it that??? I've only been away for like... two months ;)


  4. congrats on the re-opening!!

  5. Exciting news! ove your blogs new look!

  6. OK, I HAVE to have that jeweled, curtain tie-back-holder thingy!! It's EXACTLY what I'm in search of~
    How can I get one? Or two?

    Debbie Myers

  7. ahhhh... Deb. That my friend is at Urban Outfitters! And, if you think that one is cool... check out Anthropology’s selection! Lord I LOVE being home again with all my fav shop to visit ;)


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