Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sewing Studio - What's wrong with people???

I started an Flickr group about a month ago that has completely taken on a life of it’s own… this is a group full of what I would call “heavy hitters” in the quilting industry, whom all of us follow at least one { or more } of their blogs… from fabric designers, to pattern creators, and severely good quilters. You would think one would be happy to join and treat others well considering the laid back attitude from the members involved. However, it is full { or was } of shady individual trying to profit { price gauge } off of others who love and would love some HTF fabric… Example… one of the members {who brought attention to herself ???} likes to use the analogy that… and I quote “ The prices are ridiculous, we agree… but so were the prices on a house in California. But you sell on market value. Or are you telling me that you would sell your house for $200k under value because you just think the prices are ridiculous? Sellers don’t drive up the prices, sellers do.” I thought this was very interesting analogy…Being an American I laughed at this { A Lot } Is this individual so ignorant not to know that the housing bubble burst??? That families are on the street??? That California is in a state of bankruptcy over the price gouging that took place in it’s real estate market??? WOW! Yeah… I definitely think that’s a great talking point… cause most Americans can really empathize for citizens involved in this national crisis… unfortunately though , for the other person… not the house flippers looking to score a quick buck on them… and as naive as many American citizen were, they in turn let the abuse happen. I really can see why… we would be soooo proud of others Americans exhibiting the same dysfunctional behavior {mind you different product/ same strategy} and us think they are ethically sound people. But, hey… I guess if people put a stand to the price gauging, then maybe this abuse will stop??? The problem is my Flickr group has integrity and we also have a little something called rules… now if your peeved that you can’t play by the rules and then as a byproduct we are uninterested in your membership… well, maybe you should go to a therapist for a little pick me up! ;) But our ethic remain the same strong ethics, whether you are in or out. Just thought I’d get this off MY chest, since so many of my member seen to be happy with the current changes… PS... if you would like to serve yourself up a plate of price gauging... just look on Etsy/ Ebay for any newly listed Flea Market Fancy, Lush, or American Jane... all going for the inflated prices of $5 - $20's a fat quarter...


  1. Hi Heather,
    Good for you to get that off your mind. I've found, though, that if you look hard enough on Etsy, it seems as if most of the vendors there sell fabric for less than my LQS do. Recently I've noticed that prices have really gone above $9.00a yard and while that might seem normal in some areas, here in San Antonio, TX, it seems really high. Actually, my mother in law and I were just discussing that the other day. She believes that the quilt shops are going to price themselves right out of the market. But I don't think the QSs are being greedy, I think they are adjusting their prices to the higher amounts they might be having to pay wholesale. Who knows, it's all a vicious cycle anyway. Thanks for letting me add my two cents.


  2. No doubt Anna! Think of how these poor shops must feel that they have these hawks swoop in and grab up their products only to find out later what little gold mines they were sitting on... I think there are many different ways to looking at Price Guaging and who it truly effects... either you accept it for what it is and continue to support the behavior or you simply don't and shut them down... it's a personal choice... I choose to take a stand.

  3. Oh please, I don't know what high school she went too, but my high school wasn't that tame!

    No one has been 'mean' to her.

    She admitted herself on a previous post that she hadn't abided by the rules. "I did join up, but haven’t added fabric to it yet (bad me, I know)."

    And this quote is laughable; "But ultimately, I'm sure the swap would require me to part with some coveted fabrics."

    Well, hello? And,

    "There’s very little of the FMF line I'm willing to let go"

    Not unless it's for an extortionate price though.

    No one said she can't sell her fabric.

    It just didn't seem appropriate that she be a part of a swapping group when she clearly was not interested in swapping.

  4. I know, right! She really thinks she a victom of some { mean high school girls }... it's really quite laughable! She's the one looking for a pitty party from her followers... "oh, poor me"... such a clown!

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  6. I love the Flickr group you have set up. As a relativley new crafter and blogger I missed out on a lot of the beautiful fabrics that HR and DS put out. Your group has allowed me to acquire some of these gorgeous fabrics - Lucky me! It's sad to hear of some individuals that swap and then on sell the product for $$$. It feels nasty and greed and personally...not two traits I would like to be known for! The crafting community is a small one....sooner or later this behaviour will come back...as my Nan loves to say 'what goes around comes around'. Thanks Heather for all your (and Kerrie's) hard work on the group..it is appreciated!

  7. I just feel bad for people like me, who just wanted to swap but when asked to join, was not invited. I own an on-line store and the thought of re-selling would have nevered entered my mind. But I guess once you swap, it is yours to do with as you please. It is a shame, sorry you are having trouble with a really fun idea. Hope it all works out.

  8. Jane Fabric,

    I have flickr mailed you but also wanted to share on here that it was an oversight on my part as the other Amin. of the group that you were not accepted. I thought I had messaged you but checked again, and hadn't. With such a busy, crazy week it really was an oversight. I truely apoligize and we would love for you to join our group!

    Heather, with all you have dealt with this week, I want to say as the other Admin, I and most all the other members, completely thank you for all your work and are behind you 100%.

    Love ya, my dear friend!!

  9. I am in the same boat as One Flew Over, new to sewing and thrilled to have a chance to trade for HTF HR and FMF prints. I am thrilled to be a part of the group. I love all the blogs and many of you have provided me with the inspiration to love sewing and fabric- thank-you! Sorry for all the headaches this group has caused, hopefully it will all go away and it will just be a wonderful group that serves a great purpose! Thanks again for all your efforts, Heather and Kerrie! I agree, what goes around . . .

  10. Just nominated you for a blog award!

  11. Thanks for the insight and the comparison of fabric inflation to the housing crisis. I really never thought of it like that, but it does make sense. Right now our economy is suffering and our family is on a very strict budget. Therefore, I have purchased an extremely minimal amount of fabric these days and I don't have any HTF fabrics like in your group. It would be nice to be able to purchase something like what you showcase in your group, every once in a while, for a reasonable price. In such a recession, we should all be more willing to help each other out, but maybe that is what is making some more greedy with their assets and wanting to keep it to themselves or sell it at a ridiculous price. I have to admit, I used to think it would be cool to be able to sell some rare fabric for a lot of money, but you have made me think differently now. Thanks!

  12. heather...how did i not know you had a blog? duh...dumb me. glad i found you. i understand free market, but i hate when within a community we can't be more supportive of each other. i'm good with a fair price, but now i'm seeing 30 dollars a fat quarter. are they kidding? i haven't been able to arrange a swap yet (i'm just slow), but i love the concept of the group and think you're doing a real service to the community of quilters.

  13. Please remind yourself that this is a new group under one month old. As in anything new, there will be unanticipated problems and items that need to be worked out/
    It is a great concept, I made a swap within 40 minutes of joining, it saved me a lot of headaches.I am thrilled that you began this group and want to encourage you in your quilting and designs.

  14. Hi Heather, I hope it's okay that I contact you here since this post is a little old. I've tried to join the swap group but have not gotten a reply or invite. There are a couple of munki munki prints in my photostream that I would love to try to swap. This is all new to me so if you could let me know either way, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!


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