Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sewing Studio - Completely OBSESSED...

Double Hourglass quilt block HHhmmm... where to go with this now??? So,... I have been completely obsessed with Kerri's Double Hourglass quilt she made and then I realized... OMGosh... I have like 400 { 6 X 6 inch } squares left over from the five hundred rag quilts I've made in the past couple years, so why not attempt one myself... She has the most wonderful tutorial on her blog and I just simply followed the directions and POOF! The funny thing is... that I was so excited to try sewing one together, I didn't really have a design plan, so now... I'm trying to figure out which color palette, I'd like best... I just couldn't believe how fun these little blocks are to make! Here's Kerri's Blog with her wonderful tutorial...


  1. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad the tutorial helped!! The double hourglass is a lot of fun!! :)

    I think the pinks and oranges would look great!! I just love those colors together.

  2. Hey look at you with a blog and all! I love it and thanks for linking to my shop!! I like the bikes, peach horses, yellow/grey dots and the peach/pink vine fabrics for this quilt.

  3. I love that Katie Jump Rope fabric in yellow. I started a quilt for my bed in January (I kind of got sidetracked with other things) and now that I'm committed to a design, I keep finding other designs that are way cuter! Isn't that life for ya!

  4. Holy crap that's a cute quilt! I can see why you wanted to make one.


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